• I was suffering from knee pain for last 5-6 years. Last month I visited your stall in Dehradun exhibition and bought your product JOINT CARE. I started to take 2-2 tablets twice a day and result was wonderful. Now my knee pain has almost gone. Now please suggest me should I continue this medicine or reduce the dose or stop it. Congratulations for making this wonderful medicine.
    Suresh Arora, Dehradun Uttarakhand
  • In 2013 My triglyceride level was very very high & HDL was 24. But from February 2014, I started CHOLESTROLCARE. After 3 months my HDL levels increase to 35 and triglyceride level was 600. On 18th July Reports, My HDL levels was 41. I am very thankful to bacfo.. it has really helped me to reduce my cholesterol levels very fast. Thank you BACFO.
    Mrs. Monish Shah, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • I am a Consultant Physician practicing in Jamnagar, Gujarat since last 5 years, I have been using your products since long time now and I have observed many remarkable results, specifically, Acibac Tab, Cardiol-H Cap. I must appreciate the product quality and efficacy. Hope to get such good and efficient products.
    Dr. Sushant Sud (M.D) Ayurved, Jamnagar Gujarat
  • Your product was good. We tried your diabac tablets, acibac tablets they are very good. So kindly maintain your quality.
    Vineeta Srivastava, Mundra Gujarat
  • I am 36 yr old lady, HERBOIRON is good medicine. I am taking from last 5 year.Good feel and also my weight 5 kg increased.
    Sonali Bhavsar, Vadodara
  • It is my pleasure to give full credit to BACFO Pharmaceutical for their formulation product MENSOCARE. My mother was taking since last 5 years and now she is completely out of troubles from Ladies problem.
    Bhavin Trivedi, Ahmedabad
  • CHOLESTROLCARE has really helped reduce my cholesterol levels. After a little over 3 months of use, my LDL level went from 142.7 mg/dl to 116.5 mg/dl and total cholesterol level went from 220.3 mg/dl to 192.4 mg/dl. My HDL levels remained the same and I did not experience any side effects. Thank you BACFO.
    Amiruddin F. Lokhandwala, Mumbai
  • I have been using DIABAC tablets for management of my non-insulin dependent Diabetes and am quite satisfied with the efficacy of this product. Before starting DIABAC tablets my fasting sugar was around 116 mg/dl and PPBS was around 146 mg/dl and I was talking GLIMPRIDE 1mg (1 tablet per day). Initially I started taking DIABAC (2 tablets in morning and 2 Tablets in the night) along with GLIMPRIDE 1mg. After 2 months, I completely stopped taking GLIMPRIDE. After stopping GLIMPRIDE, I tested my blood sugar levels for two months regularly. My fasting and PPBS sugar levels have stabilized and came out to be 94 mg/dl and 137 mg/dl respectively. After taking DIABAC tablets, I have not experienced Hyperglycemia or Hypoglycemia and there is no excessive urination.
    Mr. S.G. Bakre, ISRO Scientist, Bangalore
  • Feedback is very good for STREX-5M – your brain nourishment and anxiety/stress relieving medicine. It works very effectively and has no side-effect. I am in favour of it.
    Ravi Kumar, Meerut
  • Product for cough ie. RESPICARE is really nice.
    M. I. Mulla, Andheri (East) Mumbai
  • I must express my gratitude for introducing the medicine RESPICARE. I suffer from allergic Rhinitis since the year 1980. The medical problem also got aggravated to bronchitis and bronchial asthma. I tried Respicare since mid Feb this year. Now I do not suffer from allergic Rhinitis. My bronchitis and Broncial Asthma has disappeared.
    Vibhay Ranjan, New Delhi
  • I used the RESPICARE tablets on two of my patients who were having post viral bronchitis and irritable dry cough. I was surprised to see that they improved within 3 days. These were the patients in whom I was thinking about giving short course of steroids to relieve the symptoms.
    Dr. Ujjwal Parakh, New Delhi
  • Your product RESPICARE is excellent, I used it for my allergic bronchitis, which troubles me often, and now I am absolutely fine.
    F. Bellomi, Rudiano Italy
  • ACIBAC & LAXSENNA have been found miraculous by my old parents. Both medicines were quick and effective without any side effects. Impressed by this, even I have started taking JOINTCARE for the last one week.
    Bipin Gandhi, Mumbai
  • Large number of DIABAC users have talked very highly about the drug.
    Prof. Prabhat Kumar, Lucknow
  • Some of my friends who use your DIABAC seem to show some benefit. Could I expect you have similar useful remedy to counter High Blood Pressure.
    N.R. Sircar, New Delhi
  • I have tried your product ACIBAC and found to be quite useful for acidity problems.
    Aparna Gupta, New Delhi
  • I have been using JOINTCARE for some time now. It has given tremendous relief to my arthritis. The bend in my fingers has also reduced and I have a better grip. I wish you the best of success in your endeavour.
    M.M.L. Puri, Ambala
  • What can be more depressing than for a mother to see her 14 year old son suffer with Asthma? I got your RESPICARE during my last trip to India. It has helped him tremendously. This was the first winter that he did not get any attack of Asthma. I just wanted to share my happiness with you.
    Rita Suri, Brisbane, Australia
  • Your LAXSENNA is very effective for my constipation. I am a case of chronic constipation. What a relief.
    V. Mathur, Durban, South Africa
  • My blood sugar came down from 380 to 160 after using DIABAC for 3 months.
    K.L. Arora, New Delhi
  • Your LIVPLUS is good.
    G.S. Chawla, Kanpur
  • I had tried so many medicines for my bleeding piles. It was so uncomfortable for me. Your RECTOCARE has given me a big relief.
    N. Shah, Ahmedabad
  • Taking Iron preparations was a problem for me but being anaemic it was a must. Fortunately, my Doctor gave me HERBOIRON, I improved and that too without any problem.
    Sushmita Chatterjee, New Delhi
  • My marital life improved with LOVEMAX. It has given me new confidence.
    Purshottam Lal, Meerut
  • I was so worried when I would see my hair loss everyday. Your HAIRBAC has stopped my worries.
    Nisha Singh, New Delhi
  • My chronic acidity has disappeared after using ACIBAC. Now I want to try your LAXSENNA also.
    C.Das, New Delhi
  • I was suffering with my Arthritis for the last 5 years. Your JOINTCARE has made me free to move around.
    R. Khanna, Chandigarh
  • I lost 11 kg in 3 months after using your B-Slim. Thank you BACFO.
    Neha Verma, New Delhi
  • I found your CARDIOL-H very useful in controlling my High B.P.
    L.N.Mehta, New Delhi
  • I have been on the capsules (Livplus) now just 3 days and I have noticed a great improvement already at night time there is no reflux and the feeling of being bloated in the stomach and nausea have stopped. So things must be improving. Thank you. I will also purchase the other tablets (Acibac) tomorrow and take them as well, this is the first time for ages that I feel settled in myself.....So I feel that Livplus have started the healing process and getting a balance back to the system. Thank you so much for your product and attention.
    Sheila Dutt, Fiji Islands
  • My husband was losing his memory day-by-day, to an extent that he could not even recognize me, his wife. Now after using STREX-5M he can recognize everyone. He says, 'this is not a medicine but a God's gift'.
    Mrs. Malti Pandey, Varanasi
  • We are glad inform you that the medicine DIABAC is very useful to us.
    N. Subha Rani, Hyderabad
  • I have recently tried your Ayurvedic (Herbal) Medicine – LAXSENNA. I found it good.
    P. Cawasji, Gurgaon
May 2011: BACFO is the first Ayurvedic company in the world to introduce "Dry Syrup" products
February 2011: BACFO launches new packaging for HAIRBAC Oil and HAIRBAC Tablets
December 2010: BACFO launches new product - JOINTCARE Gel which relieves inflammation, pain, stiffness, immobility of joints. JOINTCARE Gel compliments our JOINTCARE tablets and oil.
November 2010: BACFO launches its products in Lithuania
October 2010: BACFO launches its products in Fiji Islands