To provide high quality, high efficacy R&D based 100% natural products for curing ailments of the modern world all around the globe in a socially responsible manner.


To become the #1 Health & Wellness Company in the world based on the highest number of patents, highest level of customer satisfaction and most satisfied, motivated, happy and successful Employee Family.
May 2011: BACFO is the first Ayurvedic company in the world to introduce "Dry Syrup" products
February 2011: BACFO launches new packaging for HAIRBAC Oil and HAIRBAC Tablets
December 2010: BACFO launches new product - JOINTCARE Gel which relieves inflammation, pain, stiffness, immobility of joints. JOINTCARE Gel compliments our JOINTCARE tablets and oil.
November 2010: BACFO launches its products in Lithuania
October 2010: BACFO launches its products in Fiji Islands