Quality is the hallmark of BACFO. All the products are manufactured under strict surveillance of the quality control department. The manufacturing processes are authenticated and the final products validated through clinical trials thus ensuring the efficacy and safety of all our products.

We focus intensely on our quality and traceability, and our integrity and capabilities in these areas are acknowledged in more than 25 countries. To ensure products of the highest quality, efficacy and safety, all incoming raw materials are tested and validated for stringent pharmacopoeial quality parameters (Physio-chemical, Active constituent, and Microbiological). During all stages of the manufacturing process, in-process quality checks are done and critical control points are monitored. Finished products are tested for physio-chemical, active constituent, microbiological and heavy metal analysis are validated through Chromatographic techniques. The QC and IPQC labs stringently follow Good Lab Practices (GLP). In addition, we have an internal Regulatory Affairs division that manages both international and domestic product applications.