Joints Health Combo


2 Boxes each of 6X10..


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This Combo Contains:
JOINTBAC Tablet 2 boxes each of 60 Tablets
JOINTBAC Gel 2 Tubes each of 30gm
JOINTBAC Oil 2 Bottles each of 60ml

Product Details

  • Joints Health Combo
  • Joints Health Combo

    Joints Health Combo comprises of two boxes each of JOINTCARE TABLETS, JOINTCARE GEL and JOINTCARE OIL. JOINTCARE TABLETS are formulated to provide a long lasting relief in arthritis and inflammatory conditions of joints. It reduces RA factors, ESR and minimize cartilage destruction by modifying the disease pattern. JOINTCARE is useful in spondylitis, relieves morning stiffness & improve grip strength. JOINTCARE GEL is especially formulated to facilitate easy application and fast absorption by using combination of herbal extracts and natural essential oils with natural gel base. JOINTCARE GEL quickly penetrates through the skin and provides a long lasting relief in painful, inflamed and immobilized joints. JOINTCARE OIL relieves pain, swelling, and immobility of joints affected by arthritis, spondylitis and musculo-skeletal disorders.

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